Loss of Use, Disfigurement or Scar Claims

The trauma brought on by a work related accident can be difficult to cope with. Imagine how this feeling intensifies when the accident results in the loss of a limb or disfigurement and any attempts to collect Workers’ Compensation benefits are unsuccessful.

At the Law Office of Deborah Truscello, we serve clients in Media, Pennsylvania and the surrounding communities, by helping them obtain the benefits they deserve as they adjust to the new physical and emotional changes brought on by their work accident. We invite you to contact us today for assistance with your Workers’ Compensation claim.

Loss Of Use Claims

  • Under the Workers’ Compensation Act, you need not lose a limb in order to obtain benefits – loss of use is also covered. This means that if a work injury has resulted in nerve damage to your arm, leg, hand, digits or even eye or ear, then you may be entitled to compensation.
  • Attorney Deborah Truscello works with medical specialists to help determine the extent of damage and how that affects your ability to perform daily work-related tasks such as lifting and carrying appreciable weight or gripping tools or machinery.

Disfigurement And Scar Claims

  • If you have sustained cosmetic disfigurements, scars or noticeable blemishes as the result of an accident at work, you may be able to obtain benefits by filing a Workers’ Compensation claim. We have helped numerous clients successfully file and receive benefits for their Workers’ Compensation claims.

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