Shipping Industry Workers Have a High Rate of Injury

The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area is home to many different shipping, trucking, freight and cargo companies. These jobs, while contributing greatly to the local economy, also provide very serious health risks due to the type of physical work they require. Many people who earn their living in the shipping and trucking industries are susceptible to on the job injuries and accidents that can impact their lives on many levels. If you are in the shipping or trucking industry and have been injured on the job it is a wise move to consult with a Delaware County, PA shipping industry accident lawyer.

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Common Injuries Suffered In Shipping Industry Work Environments

As with many physically demanding professions there some very common injuries seen in the shipping, trucking and cargo industries such as:

  • Injuries To The Back
  • Injuries To The Connective Tissue
  • Injuries To The Joints
  • Injuries To The Neck

Common Causes of Trucking and Cargo Industry Injuries

An injury in the shipping, cargo and trucking industry can be caused by many factors. Some of these are acute trauma such as an on the job auto accident, machine or equipment accident and work related slip and falls. In addition, some of these injuries can be caused over a long period of time by performing repeated motions such as bending and lifting boxes, objects or cargo.

No matter what caused you on the job injury working with an experienced Philadelphia Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation lawyer will ensure your rights are protected and that you get all benefits and compensation you are entitled to per Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law.

Contact the Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers if You Have Been Injured in a Shipping Industry Accident

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