Electrocution Accidents

We often take electricity for granted in modern society. We are accustomed to flipping a switch and have lights go on, household appliances function and machinery operate. However, we should bear in mind that electricity is an extremely powerful and sometimes violent force that should be handled with great care and caution. This is true in both the home and the workplace as electricity is a very common source of work injuries.

Possible Work Situations Resulting in Electrocution or Electrical Burns

Very frequently work related injury occurs in a manual labor intensive setting where you work around or with electric wiring. Electrocutions can occur as a result of working on power lines from a poorly insulated bucket truck. During digging or excavation if a jackhammer, backhoe or shovel severs an underground cable, electrocution can occur. An exposed cable thought to not be live can also cause electrical burns if it is live and was erroneously labeled. Wiring at a residential or commercial construction site can easily be the culprit in electrical burn injuries.

Possible Injuries Caused By Electrical Injuries

Establishing Liability In An Electrical Burn Injury

It is often difficult to pinpoint who or what is responsible for an electrical injury. As they often occur in a construction setting one or more parties can be held accountable. The accident or injury can be attributed to one person, one organization or multiple people and multiple organizations such as general contractors, subcontractors and labor staffing agencies. With this in mind, it may make sense to have a knowledgeable Delaware County, PA Workers’ Compensation lawyer on your side.

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