Turned My Frown … Upside Down!!!

I found Debbie on my own while researching lawyers in Media (online). She saved me from having to pay a boat load of money in child support. She’s very down to earth, listens to her clients and eases your worries with nothing but WINS WINS WINS in court. I never told her I had sleepless nights about court although she told me over & over “not to worry.” I spent a decent amount of time getting all my paperwork together which caused me anxiety. My case was called & she “did her thing.” Everyone looked at me with questioning eyes asking “where did you find her?” I won my case(s) & my worries & anxiety were out the window:):):)

— Tiffany

Outstanding Attorney

Deborah has been handling my custody case for over a year now. Not only is she compassionate and knowledgeable, Deborah keeps me informed on what the next steps will be. She is understanding and friendly and makes her self available even during off hours. I am very lucky to have her on my side.

— Joanne

Child Custody

Deborah Truscello, represented me on behalf of the custody of my infant daughter. Deborah is so warm and compassionate. She guided me through this very difficult process, giving me advise, as if I were her own daughter. I cannot thank her enough for the stellar outcome. Deborah is an outstanding, skilled lawyer, who will be your biggest advocate! I highly recommend Deborah Truscello.

— Christa

Best Lawyer I Know

One of the best lawyer that i know she is great and works very hard for you. Works with you in every which way possible always keep you updated and lets you know whats next. I will recommend her to everyone i know she is number 1 on my list.

— Michelle

If You Need A Compassionate And Outstanding Lawyer, Deborah M. Truscello Is The One

I asked Deborah M TRUSCELLO to represent me at the last minute in my painful divorce case because I did not agree on Alimony and other important issues with the other attorney I had. I found Deborah M. TRUSCELLO, to be an very compassionate and outstanding professional lawyer. I was blessed and fortunate to have her. Deborah M. TRUSCELLO, VIGOROUSLY FOUGHT for all my divorce entitlements after 33 years of being a loving wife in marriage. She understood my anger, pain, and depression. She represented me as if I was her daughter and I appreciated that because it was very emotional for me and financially draining. I strongly endorse this lawyer.

— Carol

A Great Attorney You Can Count On Any Day!!!

Attorney Deborah Truscello is an outstanding professional Lawyer! She is very help and will listen to you, represent and go the extra miles by working hard to get the best results. She took care of family matters for me and I thank her. You are in greats hands if you have and/or thinking of having her as your attorney, I strong recommend her to anyone.

— Anonymous

I highly recommend the services provided by Media, Pennsylvania Injury Attorney Deborah M. Truscello. She has the experience to effectively defend you and protect your rights and interests.

— Brian

Deborah Truscello is one of my favorite fellow Gladiators. She believes in her client like know one else.

— Jacquie

Debbie is an awesome lawyer and former judge, I cannot Thank her enough for her honesty, knowledge and experience, that she demonstrated at my very critical evidentiary hearing.
Thank You

— Robert

One of the best Law Office …. thank you Lady Deborah Truscello

— Ezio

I want you on my side, 😉

— Erik

Great lawyer! Truly cares and fights hard. I was hurt on the way to work, out of money, and wherever I went they told me I did not have a case. I found Debbie on the Internet & gave it one more try. I told her what happened, she opened up her law books & said it would be difficult but that I had a case. Guess what? SHE WON FOR ME!!! Now I am back up on my feet and working again. I was able to go to the doctor and get better. All because of Debbie. I am telling you she is the best!

— Anonymous

Debbie is a very friendly and personable woman who makes even those who are nervous around attorneys feel comfortable. Though she is a small firm, her staff is helpful and professional.

— Anonymous