Stepparents and Custody Rights

Under Pennsylvania law stepparents have rights when it come to adoption, child support and custody and visitation once a family unit dissolves. If you are a stepparent in Pennsylvania and would like to explore your rights you should contact a Delaware County family law attorney with experience handling stepparents’ rights cases.

Obtaining Custody of Your Stepchildren

Pennsylvania stepparents may have child custody and visitation rights after a divorce. This usually occurs when the stepparent and biological parent have lived together for an extended period of time and both took on the role of financially and emotionally supporting the child or children. If the biological and or custodial parent deny the stepparent visitation to the children a in Pennsylvania, a stepparent may be able to file to be able to see the children or get partial custody.

In the unfortunate event that the stepparents’ spouse dies, the stepparent may be able to obtain primary custody even if the other biological parent, or other blood relatives, are alive. Enlisting the aid of a Pennsylvania third party custody rights attorney is imperative in these situations.

Rights Regarding Adoption In Pennsylvania

Certain circumstances and situations may allow a Pennsylvania stepparent to be able to adopt their stepchild. A stepparent adoption is most common when the biological parent, who has primary or sole custody, marries someone who is not the child’s biological parent. This typically occurs with the consent of both biological parents. Or, it can take place if the other biological parent is deceased.

Stepparent, or third party adoptions, are very complicated and can only be done with the aid of an experienced Pennsylvania adoption lawyer. You should consult with a Delaware County adoption lawyer to discuss how to protect yourself, as well as the children, when pursuing a Pennsylvania adoption.

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