Dividing Property During a Divorce: What is Equitable Distribution?

If determining what is in the best interests of your children evokes heartfelt feelings, it is the division of assets and debts that can give rise to anger, resentment and other unpleasant emotions. Having an attorney who can help you determine a fair distribution plan while representing your interests may reduce your costs and lead to a quicker and more just resolution that you are satisfied with.

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Property Division

In general, property division begins with a 50/50 split of all marital assets and debt. Yet several factors can influence percentages. At the Law Office of Deborah M. Truscello, we consider influential aspects such as age, work history, education, earning capacity and the duration of the marriage in order to arrive at an accurate settlement. Our lawyer is equipped to handle both simple and complex property division matters, efficiently and effectively.

Media Divorce Lawyers at the Law Office of Deborah M. Truscello Address Property Division Matters Carefully and Comprehensively

Our attorney approaches matters meticulously – we want you to feel your interests have been represented accurately. Therefore, we carefully scrutinize all financial matters which may impact property division in order to arrive at a solution that reflects you concisely. We also seek to resolve matters in a way that takes into account support matters – alimony and child support.

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