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Does workers’ compensation cover my morning commute?

You are likely aware that your Pennsylvania employer is responsible for having workers’ compensation insurance for you and your colleagues. This insurance provides coverage for your medical bills, lost wages and other expenses if you suffer an injury on the job or develop a work-related illness. This coverage may be a great relief to you… Read More

They say beauty comes at a price. Could it be your health?

Perhaps from a young age you knew that you wanted to work as a nail technician. You thought you would enjoy the creativity, the socializing and felt as though you had a knack for it. It turns out you were right. You obtained your license and went to work. Everything went well until you became ill…. Read More

An electric shock can change your life forever

Working in most of Pennsylvania’s industries comes with certain hazards that endanger your health and possibly even your life. Some of those industries involve working with electricity in voltages that could cause significant electrical shocks. More than likely, you and your employer take measures to ensure your safety when you work with electricity. Even so,… Read More

Staying safe in a hotel kitchen is like a double-edged knife

If you work in the kitchen of a Pennsylvania hotel or restaurant, you might feel disgruntled at times because all the credit goes to the front-of-house staff. The compliments of friendly service and excellent food hardly ever reach you and your co-workers in the hot kitchen where you face multiple hazards. While it is vital… Read More

Shouldering the pain of a rotator cuff injury

When you felt the tearing pain in your shoulder, you knew it was not a good sign. Perhaps the pain did not come at once but gradually increased until you could not lift your arm. You may have experienced a rotator cuff injury, one of the more common and painful injuries in the workplace. Whether… Read More

Hospitals: surprisingly dangerous places to work

Pennsylvania readers know that working in the health care industry comes with its challenges, and one of these may include the increased risk of becoming ill due to exposure or suffering an injury on the job. Many people overlook another danger that health care workers face, and that is the threat of violence in the workplace…. Read More

Neglected ergonomics may rob you of health and peace of mind

Regardless of your occupation, you could be at risk of suffering ergonomic injuries that are preventable if you know the danger signs. The hazards of different types of jobs can vary. Physical demands of your job may pose ergonomic risks, which could cause injuries and time off work. The origin of the danger could be… Read More

The dangers of bloodborne pathogens

You may achieve a sense of purpose and pride because you help save lives by working in a Pennsylvania hospital. Even when you go home from work exhausted and experience frustrations and sadness, you still believe in what you do. You also believe that the hospital keeps your best interests in mind when it comes… Read More

Your work could be making you sick, but you have options

As a Pennsylvania worker, you know that you are entitled to certain benefits in the event of a work accident and injury. However, you are still entitled to the same benefits in the event that you come down with an illness that was the result of your work environment, job duties or other work-related factors…. Read More

Do you have misconceptions about workers’ compensation claims?

You may know that most Pennsylvania workers have the right to certain benefits if they suffer an injury at work. However, there are many misconceptions about how this process works, and unfortunately, they can keep some workers from seeking the benefits to which they have a rightful claim. From what your employer should do after… Read More

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