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Whiplash Caused by Motor Vehicle Accidents

Each year, thousands of people experience painful neck injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents. Whiplash is the most frequently reported car accident injury. Although whiplash is not considered to be life-threatening, evidence suggests that severe cases of whiplash can cause long-term pain or disability. Whiplash can lead to loss of wages or expensive medical bills…. Read More

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions can be a tricky situation as far as legal liability, since it may not be clear who was at fault for the accident. A head-on collision is when the front of a vehicle hits the front of another vehicle. Some questions that can help determine fault after a head on collision are: Did… Read More

City Streets Prove Safer than Suburban Roads

Many suburbanites regard the city as a place of danger. Yet, at least in one area, that may not be true at all. Regarding car accidents, a recent study by the University of Pennsylvania found that there were less accidents in Philadelphia than the surrounding suburban areas. They found that the outlying suburban areas had… Read More

What Should I Do If I Witness A Car Accident?

Car accidents happen in the blink of an eye. This means you could easily become an accident witness. When that happens, you need to know the right steps to follow to protect yourself and offer help. Call 911 After safely parking your vehicle in a secure spot, away from traffic, call 911 to alert them… Read More

Hazards of Summer Driving

Many drivers may think that the worse driving conditions happen in winter when the weather plays a major a role in determining the condition of the roads.  Drivers may not immediately consider the many hazards of the summer season. During the summer, people are more likely to drive for longer stretches of time and they… Read More

Sun Glare and Car Accidents

The sun is a welcome sight after a dark winter, but as most drivers know, it can be a distraction and a hazard when taking to the road. Sun glare while driving can temporarily blind drivers and cause accidents. When sun glare contributes to an accident, who is at fault? Determining fault in a car… Read More

Common Driving Tips for Warmer Weather

Each season brings new considerations for drivers. The spring and summer months present some especially unique challenges to Pennsylvania drivers. The following tips should be considered before getting behind the wheel. Be Aware of the Sun The sun becomes a factor when driving in the spring and summer months, particularly during the daily commute to… Read More

Sharing the Road with Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Warmer weather is the time for increased numbers of pedestrians and bicyclists on the roads. During the colder months, motorists may forget what it is like to share the streets and highways with them, and walkers, joggers, and cyclists may also need to remember how to stay safe outside. The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA)… Read More

Memorial Day Travel Safety Tips

Memorial Day weekend is a time that many Americans look forward to. It may mean a three-day weekend, time to spend with family and friends, and honoring the men and women we lost in the military. When an entire nation is gearing up for a weekend that includes travel, it can also mean an increase… Read More

Car Safety Technologies Continue to Advance

Airbags and anti-lock brakes used to be the gold standard in car safety. However, as time and technology have both progressed, the safety features on cars have changed by leaps and bounds. Many of these advanced safety features are more than just a luxury item. Most buyers now can expect the latest safety features in… Read More

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