How Can I Help My Teen Become a Safer Driver?

West Chester Car Accident Lawyers at the Law Office of Deborah M. Truscello Can Help After Your Teen Has Been in a Crash

If you are the parent or guardian of a teen who has just started to drive or will be learning to drive soon, you can help reduce their chances of being involved in an accident. By following some simple suggestions, you can help your teen make better decisions when behind the wheel.

Model Safe Driving Practices

Your teen is likely watching you when you drive. Instead of exhibiting bad driving behaviors, you should always follow the rules of the road. Explain to your teen why they should be a defensive driver.

Even if you have not always modeled perfect driving in the past, make this an opportunity to revise your driving habits. You will make a good impression.

Restrict Driving During Evenings and in Bad Weather

As a parent or guardian, you can restrict driving privileges when you feel driving might be more difficult or hazardous. For example, if it is raining hard, foggy, or sleeting, you could drive your teen wherever they need to go instead. You could tell your teen to be home within an hour of the sun setting to limit nighttime driving. Being restrictive for a few months protects your teen.

Eliminate Distractions

From texting to eating, teen drivers can be tempted to engage in distracted driving. Make it clear that cell phones should be turned off and put away. Then, talk about ways to avoid other distractions. Driving while distracted is one of the top causes of car accidents, especially among teens.

Note that driving with other teens in the car can also be distracting. Accordingly, limit the number of passengers your teen is allowed to have in their vehicle.

Talk About Driving While Under the Influence

Unfortunately, teens sometimes make poor choices. The best way to get through to your teen about the dangers of driving while under the influence is to be open. Constant reminders will open the door to discussions about how your teen driver can stay safe.

What if Your Teen Is in a Car Accident?

Ideally, your teen driver will never get into a collision. However, if it happens, make sure that your teen knows to contact 911 right away. You should also be contacted if possible. That way, you can help navigate your teen through the process of getting medical care if needed, speaking with the other driver, talking with the police, and taking photos and videos of the accident scene.

If your teen has been injured in a collision, it is advisable to contact a car accident lawyer. Most lawyers offer free consultations. The advice you and your teen receive can make it easier to decide how to proceed.

West Chester Car Accident Lawyers at the Law Office of Deborah M. Truscello  Can Help After Your Teen Has Been in a Crash

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