What Are Common Mistakes Employees Make After a Workplace Accident?

West Chester Workers’ Compensation Lawyer at the Law Office of Deborah M. Truscello Can Help You With Your Work Injury Claim.

There are many mistakes that an injured employee can make after a workplace accident. Sometimes, these mistakes can be devastating because it will harm their ability to get the benefits they deserve when they are injured at work. However, by following a few tips, you can avoid mistakes that will affect your Workers’ Compensation claim.

Failure to Report the Injury Immediately

One of the mistakes that many employees make is not reporting the injury and/or incident immediately to their supervisor. Many employees will often downplay an injury at work because they do not think it is very serious. For example, they might have tweaked their lower back muscles a bit and it is somewhat sore to move. They may want to wait a few days to see if their injury improves. In these situations, if the employee waits several days to report it to their supervisor, the delay could hurt their chances to recover Workers’ Compensation benefits. When this happens, the employer or the insurance company will likely question the claim and potentially deny it.

You should always report a workplace injury, no matter how minor it seems. That way, if the pain increases and the injury worsens, you already have reported the accident and could likely file a claim for benefits.

Failure to Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

This is similar to failing to report the injury to a supervisor, and it can be just as harmful to your Workers’ Compensation claim. Without a medical doctor’s opinion on what the injury is and what caused it, then the insurance company can easily deny your claim.

In some instances, injured employees might wait a few days or maybe a week just to see if their injury will go away on its own. However, what happens when the injury and symptoms do not go away and worsen? In order to have a successful claim, you need to have medical evidence showing that your injury is work-related. The only way to do this is by seeing a doctor immediately after a workplace accident.

Failure to Contact a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you have a work injury and are having problems with your Workers’ Compensation claim, you should speak with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Having a lawyer on your side is wise, especially when you have problems with your claim, and they can answer your questions while protecting your rights.

West Chester Workers’ Compensation Lawyer at the Law Office of Deborah M. Truscello Can Help You With Your Work Injury Claim

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