Do Driver-Assistance Systems Cause Car Accidents?

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Driver-assistance systems are supposed to keep occupants safe and make car accidents less likely to happen. However, a recent study of driver-assistance systems suggests they might not be doing so. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a report that reviewed crash data from June 2021 to June of 2022. This report specifically looked at crashes involving vehicles using SAE Level 2 driver-assistance technology. Reports looking at data where other levels of driver-assist technology will be issued later on.

Level 2 is commonly referred to as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Under ADAS, the vehicle can control steering, acceleration, and braking. ADAS are not fully automated. They require a driver to sit in the driver’s seat and require the driver to have their hands on the wheel most of the time.

Level 2 ADAS can be compared to Level 1 systems, such as cruise control, where the vehicle can only control the speed of the vehicle. However, with Level 2 ADAS, there is usually some form of lane assist. At the same time, the Level 2 ADAS will have a form of cruise control that can accelerate or decelerate the vehicle based upon a specific speed set by the user.

Data From the Study

The study indicates that over a 10 month period after June 2021 and before June 2022, there were 392 crashes that involved a Level 2 ADAS. Here are some findings in the report:

  • Three hundred and ninety-two vehicle crashes occurred when both lane assist and cruise control were engaged.
  • Six crashes involved at least one fatality.
  • Each crash had to be reported if a Level 2 ADAS was engaged within 30 seconds of the moment of the crash.
  • Each crash that was reported also had to involve injuries or death.
  • Out of the 392 total accidents, Tesla had the most with 272 crashes.
  • Honda vehicles were second with 90 crashes.
  • The next closest manufacturer was Subaru with 10 crashes.

It is difficult to form any conclusions regarding Level 2 ADAS based upon this data, however. The only thing that one can conclude is that automobile accidents can still happen when these systems are engaged. It is possible that drivers are relying too heavily on the systems. More data collection has to be compiled before a definitive result can be determined.

Delaware County Car Accident Lawyer at the Law Office of Deborah M. Truscello Represents People Seriously Injured in Accidents

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