How Can Workers at Big Box Stores Become Injured? 

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In the past, big box store employees have been injured on the job while performing various acts of manual labor. For example, accidents have been reported when employees have hurt their backs while loading boxes, which is common for warehouse workers. Although these are routine tasks, there have been instances in which workers have pulled a muscle or have not been able to avoid an injury when a box is too heavy or the worker has lost grip. Another common injury is if in the event there is falling merchandise, an employee has unfortunately been struck as a result. One of the most common accidents are slip and fall incidents. This is a result of many cases in which employees have tripped on objects or equipment, wet floors, or hazardous workplace environments that welcome injury when not addressed. Other employees have complained about developing carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of excessive typing when completing office work. A less common form of injury is when employees have been exposed to hazardous chemicals while on the jobsite and as a result suffer from injuries that irritate their senses.

Why Are Slip and Fall Accidents Common at Big Box Stores?

Slip and fall accidents are considered the most common cause of injury in big box stores. This is due to the great number of spills and hazardous sales floors that are not attended to when there is an obstruction. Another issue is the large number of mats throughout the store in the entrance, aisles, cashier check stands, and back rooms. Many employees have found themselves frequently slipping or avoiding spills or wet floors if there is no sign put up as well as catching the corner of a rug. All employees are either strongly encouraged to or required to purchase non-slip shoes to avoid accidents such as these, but these precautions are not always a hundred percent effective. Nonetheless, all employees should be aware of common slip and fall accidents that occur.

Who Is Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

To receive a Workers’ Compensation claim, you must be an employee of the company, your employer must have Workers’ Compensation insurance, and you must have a work-related injury or illness that prohibits one from going into work. One must also meet the state’s deadline for reporting the injury and then filing a Workers’ Compensation claim. It is strongly recommended that anyone who has been hurt on the job to contact a Workers’ Compensation lawyer to ensure that their claim is being handled properly. A dedicated lawyer will also aid their client so that they have a detailed and completed claim to work toward getting the most compensation available.

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