What Are the Consequences of a Gray Divorce?

gray divorce

The rate of divorce continues to rise each year. One demographic that has seen a particularly sharp increase in the divorce rate is that of older couples. The term gray divorce was developed by AARP to signify adults older than 50 who are in the process of separating. There are many factors causing the rates of gray divorces to continue to rise. A concern is the financial blow that women seem to experience more than men as a result of a gray divorce. This means that a woman who has stayed home for years to take care of her home and children is now facing financial difficulty in rebuilding her life. A serious issue some individuals face as a result of a gray divorce is the separation from grown children. Despite their age, many grown children have chosen to take sides and as a result, one parent may have lost that relationship.

Why Do Gray Divorce Rates Continue to Rise?

Divorce rates continue to increase each year, but it appears that divorce rates in those over the age of 65 has tripled in the past 25 years. The raising rates are associated with a variety of factors that normally would not affect a more basic divorce agreement involving younger couples. Some consequences that lead to increasing rates are family circumstances and relationships changing as a result of the separation. Another issue is the fact that people are living longer and that means that expenses continue to rise as well as issues related to property, medical bills, and any other shared assets to be separated or distributed. In recent years, a new concern has been individuals who have taken on different lifestyles and expectations for the future.

Why Are Women Affected More than Men as a Result of a Gray Divorce?

It has been traditional practice for women to tend to the needs of their children and households, which demands a large amount of time and years of dedication. However, this means that there may have been no time for furthering an education or working at all. As a result, a woman may have reached a later period of her life and is not able to work for the next couple of decades to save for retirement. When a woman attempts to return to the work force, she may have limited education and career experience, and so her earning potential is compromised.

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