What Are Common Workplace Accidents?

workplace accidents

From falling products from a shelf in retail to suffering a chemical burn in a factory, every job does not come without its dangers.  The type and severity of the injury largely depend on the nature of the job, where some are more harmful than others.  Nevertheless, employers and employees alike must work together to keep each other safes and keep incidents to a minimum.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has found that the most common accident risks in the workplace involve falls, electrocution, getting caught in between objects, and being struck by something.  However, there are so many more dangers workers face.  The following are the most common workplace accidents:

Slip and fall accidents. The threat of slipping or falling is apparent in almost every workplace.  Slippery floors or poor footwear are the main culprits for slipping, while misplaced objects easily can cause an unaware worker of tripping.  Improper ladder use represents fall hazards for certain workplaces, such as retail or office settings.  Construction workers also face severe injuries from falls.

Falling objects. Being struck by an object can happen anywhere and is certainly an issue in the workplace.  There is always the threat of a product falling from a shelf for a retail worker, whereas workers in other industries face more serious injuries.  Those in agriculture or factory workers can be struck by heavy machinery or malfunctioning equipment that will likely result in permanent injury or death.

Strains and overexertion. Overexerting your body can easily lead to a significant injury and can prohibit you from working for several days.  Often, workers either improperly lift an object or attempt to move something that is far too heavy, causing muscle pulls and body strains.  In fact, these workplace injuries are so common that they account for more than 30 percent of non-fatal accidents.

Repetitive motion. Nerve damage such as carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by repetitive motions such as typing on a keyboard for hours a day.  Other injuries, such as shoulder or neck strains, are products of repetitive movements seen on an assembly line or factory.

Car accidents. Delivery drivers have always risked injury from a car accident, but a car crash is also a threat to those that commute in a vehicle daily. Inclement weather and poor driving judgment are common causes of an accident, but the often-overlooked factor of fatigue is as well.  Truck and delivery drivers spend most of their day operating a vehicle and need plenty of sleep to prevent drowsy driving.

Caught in between objects. Another dangerous aspect of factory work or operating heavy machinery is the possibility of being caught in between objects.  Being crushed by an object at work often leads to permanent disability or death.

Workplace violence. Whenever there are people interacting with other people, there is always the threat of violence.  Often, domestic disputes also find their way into the workplace, where violent interactions may occur.

Electrocutions. Electricity is found in basically every workplace, so the danger of electrocution is often present, although some occupations are more dangerous than others.  Incorrect wiring, malfunctioning sockets, and poorly worded warning signs are just some of the causes that lead to electrocution.

Chemical burns. Many factory workers use different chemicals every day and face the real possibility of getting a chemical burn, which is extremely painful and can take lengthy periods to heal.  However, chemical burns happen not only in factories, as workers in office buildings, automotive settings, or construction also interact with different types of chemicals.

Lacerations and cuts. Lacerations can be caused by almost anything in the workplace. Focus and proper training are just a few effective methods to prevent getting cut by equipment or machinery.

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