What Are Common Workplace Accidents?

From falling products from a shelf in retail to suffering a chemical burn in a factory, every job does not come without its dangers.  The type and severity of the injury largely depend on the nature of the job, where some are more harmful than others.  Nevertheless, employers and employees alike must work together to… Read More

What Are Some Safety Driving Tips for Thanksgiving Travel?

Nothing says Thanksgiving like traffic. Each year, millions of Americans hop in the car to gather for the annual turkey dinner celebration. Whether you travel across the country or just across town, you should be aware of the increased traffic and the dangers that can threaten all road travelers. Here are a few tips to… Read More

Are Delivery Services Causing More Car Accidents?

Retail sales have been trending from consumers shopping in brick-and-mortar stores to shopping online in recent years.  Consumers have become accustomed to online shopping and like the convenience of having items delivered to their homes with a few clicks on a computer.   The coronavirus pandemic has contributed to an increase in that trend.  As a… Read More