Are Haunted House Workers Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

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Halloween is a holiday that everyone can enjoy, including adults. Unfortunately, there are some hazards associated with Halloween. Some of the most dangerous situations affect the employees working in haunted house attractions or events. Haunted houses can pose hazards for those visiting them, but the workers in charge of entertaining the guests are especially prone to injury.

Why Do Work Injuries Happen So Often in Haunted Houses?

Some employees have stated the haunted houses were designed poorly, which invites a great deal of opportunity for injuries. Others say that costume guidelines were not set or any regulations were in effect, and that led to some injuries as well. Other past employees have also complained about the special effects used in haunted houses. For instance, chemical exposure from the fog machines is damaging to the lungs; also, fog can be dangerous when workers are unable to see what they are doing. Another main issue is workers suffering lacerations and bruising from exposed screws on attractions when designs are poor, or attractions are not updated to meet safety standards.

As mentioned, there have been many accidents and injuries related to employees’ costumes getting caught in something; stuck or jammed into attractions or machines; and even cases in which someone has tripped, slipped, and fell over some part of a costume. Workers can also slip or trip and fall on props, uneven floors, slippery floors, electrical cords, or because the lighting is dim for effect. Each of these slips or trips can cause serious injuries.

Another hazard facing haunted house workers is physical attack from a guest. Even though people go to a haunted house knowing that it is supposed to be a scary experience, they may still react in unexpected ways. Startled patrons have been known to react by punching, kicking, or engaging in some other type of physical attack on an employee. Because guests may react involuntarily when scared, workers at haunted houses sometimes end up with a broken nose. It does not help that many guests of haunted houses have drank alcohol before their visit.

How Should Injured Employees Approach Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

It is important that all employees know that is it their right to file a Workers’ Compensation claim if they have experienced an unsafe work environment and as a result suffered an injury. It is also important to know that any hazardous work condition that led to an injury is something that must be reported immediately to your employer so that an accident report will begin your claim process.

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