What are the Benefits of Adult Adoption?

Adult adoption may sound strange, but it is or all intents and purposes a valid legal process. Someone may want to adopt a woman who 32. A person may have been reunited with their birth mother and want to make her their legal mother.

Although it may seem unusual, adult adoption is both legal and feasible. In many instances, your new, grownup family member must be a legal adult and voluntarily agree to the adoption.

Reasons to Adopt an Adult

Adoption is the same legal technique whether the person is a child or an adult. The court docket issues a new birth certificate for the adopted person, and any existing legal relationships with biological or custodial parents are severed. The adopted person can change his or her name, called a surname exchange, and all adoption information will be sealed.

One reason for adult adoption is to formalize an existing parent/child relationship. For example, parents can adopt a now grownup foster child or stepchild. Adult adoption is an alternative for a biological father and mother who find their birth relatives and desire to be officially acknowledged, or for fathers who find children they did not know they had.

Also, adult adoptions are a way to offer perpetual care for an adult who has a dwindled ability or incapacity. Such adult adoptions can be commitment to a mentally disabled or challenged person, or a person who is bodily disabled. Through the adoption system, one adult can be the accountable party and choice maker for any other person’s care.

Permission for Adoption

When an adult is adopted, generally the simplest consent required is that of the adoptee. Considering they are legally an adult, they are capable of consent to their very own adoption. However, when a minor is adopted, the consent of their biological mother and father is needed if parental rights have not been terminated.

A judge still makes the last ruling on if the adoption can be finalized and legal. The judge will likely ask a few vital questions during the hearing to recognize the reasons for the adoption and to make sure it is in everybody’s best interest to grant the petition. In some situations, the consent of the spouse of the adopter must also be obtained. The rules for consent are primarily based on a state’s guidelines.

Potential Roadblocks to Adoption

A few states require a specific age difference between the adoptive parent and the adopted child. Other reasons for rejection of an adoption consist of so-called sure crook offenses; an attempt to legalize a romantic relationship between the adoptive parent and adoptee; and failure to obtain spousal consent for the adoption, which is a requirement if either party is married.

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