What are Possible Permanent Consequences of a Car Accident?

Consequences Car Accident

Being hurt in a car accident disrupts your life. Dealing with the fallout after a car accident can involve anything from the temporary headaches of dealing with insurance adjusters and car repairs to living with a life-long impairment that affects your ability to work and live normally. Although car accidents are never pleasant experiences, some of the worst accidents leave a permanent mark on the lives of those who suffer serious personal injury. Discussed below are some of the injuries people suffer in car accidents that never heal.

Neck and Back Injuries

When people experience an injury to the neck and back, the healing can be a long and painful process. Sometimes, however, injuries in this central and sensitive area of the body can be so serious that the victim never fully recovers. Accident injuries to the neck and back can cause damage to spinal disks or the spinal cord can cause life-long chronic pain, muscle weakness, and even paralysis.


Severe burns can have lasting effects. Burns can leave a person scarred or disfigured. Third-degree burns can permanently damage the skin and the underlying tissues that affect function. Burns to the face and head come with additional trauma related to the changes in the victim’s physical appearance.

Limb Loss

Another type of permanent disfigurement that happens in car accidents is the loss of a limb. When a person loses all or part of their arm or leg, it changes them forever. Even if they are able to become comfortable using a prosthetic limb, their body will never be the same. Apart from amputations, an accident injury that causes paralysis is another type of limb loss.

Emotional Injuries

Anxiety and depression are not uncommon after car accidents, particularly those involving serious physical injuries or loss of life. A person who is affected emotionally after a car accident may suffer from distress, fear, anger, shock, sadness, weepiness, mood swings, sleep issues, loss of appetite, lack of energy, sleep problems, or sexual dysfunction.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD may be diagnosed after a particularly distressing accident. Some people who go through such a harrowing experience may never be the same again. PTSD sufferers may deal with fear, nervousness, and mistrust for the rest of their lives. Some are unable to drive again, and others cannot even be a passenger. Recurrent nightmares and flashbacks of the incident are also common with PTSD.

Brain Injuries

In a car accident, trauma to the head can cause a brain injury. Some are far more damaging than a simple concussion. A serious blow to the head can cause lasting problems with cognition, memory, coordination, and even change someone’s personality or behavior.


Unfortunately, far too many car accidents result in fatalities. The families of those lost in car accidents will have a permanent hole in their lives that can never heal.

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