Can a Passenger be Liable for a Car Accident?

Driving a car is a major responsibility and should never be taken lightly.  If you get behind the wheel, you are legally required to always operate the vehicle safely.  Therefore, it is immediately assumed that one or more drivers involved in a car accident are liable for the damages. However, there are some situations in… Read More

Why is Forklift Safety Overlooked?

Consumers and purchasers in the supply chain rely on warehouse workers in some way. This is true whether the last stop before a sale is a brick-and-mortar store or an online distribution or fulfillment center. In a warehouse, moving materials, parts, or finished goods is done by forms of a forklift truck. Although these vehicles… Read More

Can Workplace Injuries be Reduced by Employees Staying Home?

Workplace injuries are more common than one may think, and in many cases, the injuries are more severe than expected. As many know, workplace injuries are usually expensive and normally lessen the company’s production and efficiency when there is an employee absent. In recent years, injury management has developed, making the workplace a much safer… Read More

What are Possible Permanent Consequences of a Car Accident?

Being hurt in a car accident disrupts your life. Dealing with the fallout after a car accident can involve anything from the temporary headaches of dealing with insurance adjusters and car repairs to living with a life-long impairment that affects your ability to work and live normally. Although car accidents are never pleasant experiences, some… Read More