What are Common Work Injury Claims Filed by Teachers?


Workers’ Compensation benefits cover workplace injuries and occupational illnesses. The purpose behind Workers’ Compensation insurance is to ensure that injured employees are fairly compensated for lost wages, medical bills, and other losses during the time that they are unable to work.

Injuries and accidents can happen at any workplace, however, some jobs carry greater risk than others. Understanding the risks involved with any job is important. Teachers may encounter hazards that can lead to injuries. Some common workplace injuries among teachers are listed below.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Repetitive motion or stress injuries are common in teachers. These injuries are caused when a person engages in the same repetitive movements throughout their work day.

A repetitive stress injury can lead to painful conditions, such as tendonitis and even carpal tunnel syndrome. Teachers are at risk for these injuries because of repetitive actions, including writing on chalkboards.

Back, Hip, and Leg Injuries

Prolonged sitting or standing can cause a variety of health problems. Prolonged sitting and standing may even cause damage to the hips, lower back, or joints, like the knees.

Teachers spend much of their day standing in front of a classroom or sitting at a desk. Back, hip, and leg injuries are common Workers’ Compensation claims filed by teachers.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Slippery floors can easily become hazardous. In a school, the large amount of foot traffic means the potential for spills from food, drinks, and other substances. Additionally, the constant need to keep up with janitorial services means that floors could be slick from fresh cleaning or waxing. There is also the potential for objects to fall onto the floor, creating a tripping hazard.

Workplace slip and fall accidents can be very dangerous and cause serious injuries. Teachers often move quickly through the halls and could sustain significant injuries if they take one wrong step.

Chemical and Harmful Exposure

Teachers may be exposed to dangerous chemicals while on the job as well. Industrial cleaners could contain harmful chemicals. Additionally, substances found in a school science lab could be harmful to teachers or students who do not have protective equipment.

In addition to chemicals, teachers could interact with other harmful substances. This may include dust or various allergens. In some dilapidated school buildings, teachers may also be exposed to harmful substances, including asbestos.

Injuries Related to Specific School Subjects

Some teachers may be at a higher risk than others. Some teachers may become ill or injured because of a specific school subject. Gym teachers, for example, have a much higher risk for muscle pulls or strains as well as repetitive motion injuries. Those working in the chemistry lab have a higher risk for dangerous chemical exposure.

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