What Back-to-School Safety Tips Should I Follow?


With the beginning of the new school year quickly approaching, there soon will be school buses picking up and dropping off children. Traffic in school zones will also increase, which means that drivers are more at risk for a car accident. It is important to frequently review safe driving practices, especially before the school year begins.

Watch Out for Students

Many children are injured each year at bus stops or during travel to and from school. Sometimes, children are struck by buses or other motorists when they are crossing the street. Here are some safety tips to practice when driving around school buses:

  • Always follow the school bus laws in your state, especially when the bus is stopped to pick up or drop off children.
  • Do not pass school buses if they are stopped and their flashers are activated. This means that students could possibly be in the roadway.
  • In school zones, slow down and go the speed limit. Not every road crossing will have a crosswalk monitor to stop traffic.
  • Be mindful of crosswalk monitors, and make sure to not be distracted by a cellphone.
  • Be mindful of students riding their bikes to school.
  • Do not forget to look out for children when driving by playgrounds or parks, even if they are not in a designated school zone.
  • Never pass a vehicle that has stopped to let pedestrians cross the road.
  • Always stop far enough from a bus that is letting off students or picking them up. The 10 foot radius around the bus is the most dangerous area for students. Most injuries happen in this space.
  • When travelling in the opposite direction of a school bus, make sure to stop when the school bus’s lights begin to flash.

How can Teenage Drivers Stay Safe?

Teenage drivers can be reckless. A teenage motorist may drive too fast, not fasten their seatbelt, be distracted, or drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Here are some tips that teenage drivers need to keep in mind during the school year:

  • Seat belt: Everyone should be wearing a seat belt every time they get into a vehicle, no matter where in the vehicle they are sitting.
  • Distracted driving: Since the invention of the smartphone, there have been many distracted driving accidents in the United States. Teenagers are prone to distracted driving accidents.
  • Leave early: A driver should always leave 10 minutes before they normally would to get to their destination on time.
  • Get enough sleep: Drowsy driving is a problem for all drivers, but teenagers may feel more fatigue during the school season.

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