What Back-to-School Safety Tips Should I Follow?

With the beginning of the new school year quickly approaching, there soon will be school buses picking up and dropping off children. Traffic in school zones will also increase, which means that drivers are more at risk for a car accident. It is important to frequently review safe driving practices, especially before the school year… Read More

What are Common Work Injury Claims Filed by Teachers?

Workers’ Compensation benefits cover workplace injuries and occupational illnesses. The purpose behind Workers’ Compensation insurance is to ensure that injured employees are fairly compensated for lost wages, medical bills, and other losses during the time that they are unable to work. Injuries and accidents can happen at any workplace, however, some jobs carry greater risk… Read More

How Do I Handle a Work Injury That was Caused by a Third Party?

After a workplace accident, an employee can end up with large medical bills and missed work days. Some work-related injuries can even be caused by third parties. In these situations, questions arise about Workers’ Compensation and liability. If a third party caused the employee’s injury, they may be able to get compensation through a third-party… Read More

Who is at Fault for a Sudden Divorce?

Some marriages gradually end, but others are sudden, and a spouse may not know where to turn next. When a divorce is filed unexpectedly, the blindsided spouse might feel overwhelmed, sadness, confusion, and anger. Some individuals who feel they have been wronged by their former spouse may think it is only fair for a judge… Read More