How Do I Handle Delayed Car Accident Injuries?

Delayed Car Accident Injuries

Getting into a car accident can be a small inconvenience in the day, but even a minor collision can cause injuries and costly medical expenses. Not all car accident injuries appear right away. Many times, when someone is involved in a crash, they just want to get home as quickly as possible. Their adrenaline is pumping, and it may even mask the pain.

Maybe a few days or weeks later, their back hurts or their neck aches, and they do not know why. What a car accident victim does after they have realized they were injured in a past collision can affect whether or not they are entitled to compensation.

See a Doctor

After any accident, a victim should see a doctor. The doctor will keep detailed medical records, which will be useful in a lawsuit against the negligent driver. When a person sees their doctor, they should keep copies of the medical records and any prescription information. These documents will help show the direct costs involved in the individual’s recovery.

A car accident victim should also keep their own notes. Writing how they feel each day, any pain they experienced, and what they did to ease their pain can be vital to their ability to recover compensation from the negligent driver. Notes in the victim’s own words can be powerful evidence.

Do Not Accept a Quick Settlement

Insurance companies are not in the business of helping injured car accident victims. In fact, speaking with an insurance company could result in the insurer trying to claim the victim played a role in the accident, leading to a denied claim.

When a car accident victim gets a call from an insurance company, they may also make a quick settlement offer. Many victims want to put this experience behind them, so they jump at the offer. However, that offer is unlikely to contain enough money to cover the full expenses the person faces. Even worse, signing the settlement offer will waive their right to bring any future claims against the insurance company, potentially leaving the car accident victim with the burden of paying all of their medical expenses.

Get a Lawyer

Anyone who has suffered injuries in a car accident should speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. A skilled lawyer will be able to review the accident details, determine who is at fault, and work to hold that person accountable for the victim’s medical expenses. Without a lawyer, a car accident victim risks financial hardship.

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