The Majority of Car Accidents Happen Close to Home

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Dolphin Technologies analyzed 3.22 million car trips between 2018 and 2019 and found that 25 percent of all accidents happened during the first three minutes of driving. Additionally, another 14 percent of collisions happened within the first six minutes.

In the United States, studies reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) showed similar findings. Approximately 52 percent of all car accidents occur within a five-mile radius of home, and 69 percent of all collisions happen within a 10-mile radius from home. The implications are that shorter trips closer to home are among the highest for car accidents.

Why are Accidents Close to Home Concerning?

While any vehicle accident is cause for concern, crashes close to home can be extra stressful for drivers and homeowners alike:

  • Residential neighborhoods are generally thought to be friendly for pedestrians, children, bicycle riders, and the elderly or disabled. A car accident near a driver’s home can be upsetting.
  • Accidents may disturb the neighborhood and disrupt residents. An abundance of car accidents in a neighborhood can affect the values of the homes.
  • Injuries or fatalities from a neighborhood crash are devastating for everyone in the neighborhood.
  • Neighborhood crashes can create bad will among neighbors.
  • Crashes close to home can cause serious damage to a person’s home, vehicle, lawn, and other possessions.

Why Do Accidents Frequently Happen Close to Home?

There are various reasons for accidents occurring close to home or on short trips:

Overconfident Drivers: When motorists are on familiar roads in recognizable neighborhoods, they may let their focus wander. They may feel like it is okay to text or talk on the phone since they have traveled the road many times. There is never a good time or place for distracted driving.

Parked Vehicles: Parking on the side of the street is common in many neighborhoods and on all types of roads, including narrow ones. Crashes can happen easily, and liability can sometimes be an issue.

Impaired Driving: Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not limited to highways and interstates. Drunk driving and drugged driving crashes can happen anywhere, including residential streets close to home.

Speeding: Even if a street close to home has a 25 miles per hour speed limit, many drivers go faster, leading to accidents. In addition, people running late for work or wanting to get home quickly after work may speed to do so.

Teenage Drivers: It takes experience to become a safe and responsible driver. Teenagers will often use residential streets to go places, increasing the chance of an accident.

Anyone involved in an accident close to home should contact a car accident lawyer for help.

Driving Tips to Reduce Car Accidents Close to Home

Some safety tips for drivers include the following:

  • Do not let familiarity lead to carelessness. Even though a driver knows the roads and neighborhoods, there is never a reason for them to be distracted.
  • Avoid short trips. Walk or bicycle if possible to avoid that three-minute window of car accidents.
  • Get neighbors involved. If speeding or repeated accidents are common in the neighborhood, get others involved in making the streets safer. This can include calmly confronting offenders.
  • Avoid parking on the side of the street. Try to park in a driveway, garage, or another designated space off the road to avoid being hit.
  • Follow all the rules of the road. Even though the trip may be short or close to home, drivers must still obey laws and use safety precautions. Seat belts, turn signals, lights, and safe driving are still in effect close to home.

If a person is involved in a car accident close to home, they should speak to a lawyer about a personal injury claim.

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