What Happens if I am Injured by an Animal at Work?

Most people do not think about being injured by an animal at work, but there are many workers whose occupations can bring them into contact with animals. Veterinarians and agricultural workers deal with animals every day, while others, like construction workers, maintenance workers, and delivery workers, may come across animals occasionally. An animal can also get loose in a place of business and harm workers or customers. Injuries from animals that happen on the job should be treated as work injuries.

What are Some Examples of Work Injuries Caused by Animals?

Veterinarians and agricultural workers can experience serious injuries from working with animals, including bites, skin lacerations, and infections from attacks, and sprains and strains from handling larger animals. Delivery workers often encounter dogs. Maintenance and construction workers may come across wild animals, such as raccoons, squirrels, birds, possums, and other rodents that can cause serious bite infections.

What Steps Should I Take After a Work-Related Animal Injury?

For any work injury, it is important to seek medical treatment promptly. Be sure to mention that the injury happened at work. The records of the visit serve to document when and where the injury happened and that medical attention was necessary. This can be helpful in supporting a claim for Workers’ Compensation. Follow any doctor’s instructions for medical care, failure to do so could jeopardize a claim. For instance, make it a point to return for medical care if additional appointments are recommended.

Additionally, the work injury should be reported to the employer. This could be a manager, supervisor, or another type of administrator. In Pennsylvania, there is a time limit of 120 days for reporting a work-related injury or illness. If the time limit passes, a worker loses the right to claim benefits for the injury. Although the law allows for 120 days, it is always best to report a work injury as soon as possible. Any delays could undermine a claim and lead the employer to think the injury is not serious enough to warrant benefits.

Workers’ Compensation is a no-fault system of insurance that covers work injuries and illnesses. A successful claim can result in benefits that help pay for medical treatment, prescription medications, lost wages, and temporary or permanent disabilities. In return, a worker is barred from suing their employer directly for injuries that happen on the job.

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