What are the Best Automotive Safety Technologies for 2021?

With millions of Americans on the road at any given time, the safety of vehicles is extremely important. This is why automotive technology has become a constantly growing industry, adding new features every year. Below are some of the best auto technologies to be aware of this year.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Quick action and applying the brakes in time can save lives. This is often the difference between being involved in a deadly car accident and driving home safely. Automatic emergency braking (AEB) can prevent an accident from happening by fully applying the brakes before the driver even realizes a crash is imminent. This technology uses sensors to respond to early detection of road hazards.

Teen Driver Technology

Great for parents of new drivers, this technology allows the parent to track their child’s driving habits for safety. This technology can notify a parent when events happen, like the vehicle exceeding a predetermined top speed.

Advanced Driver Assist Systems

This technology covers a wide spectrum of features. Driver assist technology can make parking much easier for those who never mastered parallel parking or who have difficulty lining up in a space. Beyond that, advanced sensors can also make driving easier and safer with adaptive cruise control, lane departure warnings, lane assist, blind spot alerts, and cross-traffic alerts.

Upgraded Cameras

A 360-degree camera system makes parking easier and helps to prevent scratches and dents from misjudging a space. This system takes all the guesswork and estimation out by showing a full view of the surroundings. This is especially helpful when backing into a parking space because the camera shows the driver exactly where they are going and how much space is left behind them.

Blind Spot View Monitors

Many car crashes result from blind spots. A driver may not see a car in their mirror due to the angle. A blind spot view monitor gives the driver a fuller picture of their surroundings and makes for safer lane changes.

Video Rearview Mirrors

A video rearview mirror uses a rear-mounted camera to act as an alternative to the traditional mirror. This is great for vehicles that may have obstructions blocking full view through standard mirrors.

Wireless Smartphone Connectivity

Smartphones have become an important part of daily life, but they can also lead to distracted driving. Modern technology has made some great improvements, and wireless connections and charging pads allow drivers to keep their hands on the wheel.

Automotive technologies have changed so much over the last decade, offering more peace of mind for drivers, but the road is still a dangerous place. When an accident happens, a victim should speak to a lawyer for assistance.

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