What are the Most Common Office-Related Injuries?

When most people think about workplace injuries, they imagine dramatic accidents on dangerous worksites, but a lot of work injuries happen in office spaces. Offices seem like relatively safe places to work, but there are many dangers that exist. In order to reduce the risk of injuries, it is important to learn about the most common types of injuries that happen in offices.

Slip and Fall Injuries

The most common work injuries result from workplace slip and fall accidents. This type of accident happens in all settings, such as a chaotic jobsite or a quiet office. A puddle of water, a carpet snag, or an unstable stair rail can all cause serious injuries to workers.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Often associated with factory workers or physical laborers, repetitive motion or stress injuries are dangers for office workers as well. Typists, computer programmers, call center representatives, and other office workers can be injured by repeating the same motions or keeping the same positions all day without stretching. Employers can mitigate these work hazards by providing workstations configured with proper ergonomic considerations in mind.

Injuries Caused by Falling Objects

Items and tools used by office workers can be dangerous as well. Common office items can be unstable or heavy, risking injury if they fall on a worker. A box of printer paper on a high shelf can be dangerous, especially if the box is full of heavy paper.

Overexertion Injuries

Most office tasks are not physically strenuous, but some workers still lift heavy boxes and other work products. Some tasks in the office can cause overexertion injuries if the worker does not lift or position their body properly. In order to prevent an overexertion injury, a worker should be trained on proper lifting techniques.

What Should I Do After a Serious Workplace Accident?

If an employee is hurt in a work-related accident at an office, they should be able to claim benefits through their employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance program. Benefits of the program may include payments for medical expenses related to the work-induced condition, such as doctor bills, medications, or other treatments. Workers’ Compensation may also cover lost wages the worker incurred while recovering. If an employee died because of a serious work injury, their loved ones may be able to collect benefits. To determine what types of benefits are available, a worker should contact a lawyer after an accident.

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