Hazards for Electricians

Electricians can face many hazards while working on the job. Often, people think encountering electricity is the only hazard electricians can face on the job. While electrocution accidents are common among electricians, there are other hazards as well that can be just as deadly.

Reports from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union states that the number one source of death and injury for electricians is falling. Slip and fall accidents are common among electricians since they often must get into small or dangerous areas, such as ceiling crawlspaces, ladders and roofs. Recently, a young electrician fell through a skylight to his death below. Therefore, the risks associated with electrical work can be unpredictable.

Risks for Electricians

Some other risks for electricians include:

  • Exposure to asbestos: Electricians will often have to saw pipes. In the past, they did not normally wear protective gear, despite that some of the piping may contain asbestos. Nowadays, electricians are more knowledgeable about the risks and will wear respirators when they know they are dealing with asbestos. As a result of this work, electricians were advised to frequently get evaluated for lung diseases, but with more knowledge, the risk is greatly reduced.
  • Repetitive stress injuries: These injuries are common among electricians since they may be doing the same type of work repeatedly. Their work may require pulling heavy wires through conduits repetitively throughout the day. Many people may not realize that carpal tunnel is a very common injury among electricians as a result of repetitive movement.
  • Electrical burns and cuts: Even if the electrician is not directly electrocuted, if there is a short circuit which causes a spark, it can also cause small particles of shrapnel to fly in the air and cause burns and cuts to the electrician.

In addition to hidden risks such as falling, repetitive injuries and breathing in harmful inhalants, there is the more obvious risk of electrocution.

Safety Tips While Working with Electricity

It is important to practice safety tips while on the job. To stay safe, electricians should:

  • Turn off the circuit breaker before beginning work.
  • Make sure the power is turned off. This may be at the circuit breaker or elsewhere in the system.
  • Inspect your equipment periodically.
  • Avoid short cuts, such as removing the ground from a plug or running extension cords in damp areas.
  • Use lockout or tagout procedures as a precautionary method when working.
  • Always remember that the body conducts electricity and that 120 volts can be just as damaging as 600 volts.

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