Limits of Computer-Based Training

Computer-based training has its advantages and disadvantages, but many people agree that online training alone is not a proper substitution for hands-on training. Even in our modern, technology advanced society, computer-based training may not be as sufficient as on-the-job training.

Business Reasons for Adequate Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides training standards that meet federal guidelines. OSHA emphasizes that hands-on training is good for businesses and employees and is a better method for proper training in the workplace; it is believed that it minimizes workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities at jobs that have high rates of hazards.

Training in Today’s Technological Environment

Not surprisingly, many employers nowadays are creating online training programs for their workers. OSHA recognizes that online training is acceptable, but this type of training must be paired with additional opportunities for employees, such as being able to speak with qualified trainers who have a better understanding of specific areas in the workplace.

Access to Qualified Trainers

OSHA states that employers can meet requirements by allowing employees to have access to qualified trainers over the phone, such as hotlines. Employees going through the training process must have qualified trainers readily available to answer questions during the online training session. Training without interactions with other qualified trainers negatively impacts a trainee’s ability to successfully complete the training.

Training That Meets Requirements

Online training alone does not meet OSHA requirements, training must be accompanied by an opportunity for hands-on training. Additionally, this hands-on training must be facilitated by a qualified trainer so they can demonstrate the proper technique and assess the trainee’s mastery of the task.

OSHA stresses that employers must review the actual OSHA regulations and guidance to be sure that they are practicing industry standards.

Although there has been many advances in training and how we receive training over the past 25 years, the most effective way of learning is using traditional standards, like hands-on training and learning from a trainer that is skilled in a specific subject.

Proper training can reduce the risk of workplace injuries and Workers’ Compensation claims. Employers should be aware that putting money, time, and attention into thorough training can have many benefits since it could avoid health and safety problems with employees. Proper training leads to more reliable and happy workers and a more productive workforce.

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