Driving with Unrestrained Pets

For many people, pets are family, and their furry companions accompany them everywhere. Just as a person should not ride in a motor vehicle without the use of a seat belt, pets should not travel in a car without some type of restraint, whether it is a carrier or car harness. Loose pets in a car can cause risky distracted driving; it is just as dangerous as driving while texting or other unsafe behaviors.

Dog Restraints

Although it is more uncommon for pet owners to travel regularly with cats, those who do should keep felines in appropriate cat carriers. Small dogs are also good candidates for traveling in crates or carriers while in an automobile. Always strap down a crate or carrier so the item does not move, which can possibly harm the animal inside. Medium-sized and larger dogs may do well with pet restraints designed to attach to a seatbelt or other system.

Since the impact of an airbag deploying in a car accident can seriously injure or kill pets, it is essential to restrain an animal in the back seat. Studies show that most dog owners allow their pets to ride in the front seat, but this is inherently dangerous.

Protecting Animals and People

Of course, there are some dogs who are well-trained and do not distract their owners while on a road trip, but that does not mean it is safe to allow these canines to travel unrestrained. Pet restraint harnesses provide protection to dogs and others in the vehicle, like a seatbelt protects humans. A restrained dog does not become launched through a window if a car accident does occur. If the dog is unrestrained and survives an ejection from the car, the pet has a risk of being hit by another car on the road, or they may run away in fear.

Identification for Pets

Even the most careful pet owner could find their dog accidentally getting loose from the vehicle, so it is crucial to always have some form of identification on the pet. Along with a collar and an attached ID tag, have your pet microchipped. Collars can get caught or someone can remove them, but if your dog is found and taken to an animal shelter or veterinary clinic, staff will check for a microchip and the owner and lost pet can soon be reunited.

Pets and Parking

Never leave your pet alone in a car in a parking lot, not even for a minute. In hot weather, it takes just a short while for a car to become overheated, often leading to fatality. A pet left alone in a car is vulnerable to someone stealing it or someone trying to tease the animal. If you must make a stop with your pet, bring your pet with you, if that is possible. Also, someone who is with you can stay with your animal while you run errands.

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