Children Injured in Car Accidents

According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 178,000 children were injured in car accidents in the United States in 2015. In that year, over 1,000 children died in crashes. Every day, 500 children are injured in car accidents in the United States and more than three children are killed. These are startling statistics that most parents do not want to face, but they must be aware since most of these deadly car accidents can be prevented.

Statistics About Restraints

Parents should be aware that most children are properly buckled in car seats and that seat belts prevent child injuries and fatalities. The NHTSA estimates that child safety seats reduce fatal injuries by 70 percent. Most fatal car accidents occur when passengers and drivers are not properly restrained.

Proper Car Seats for the Age of the Child

To protect children adequately in case of a car accident, parents should be sure to put children in the correct car seat according to their age. Currently, the proper guidance informs parents to make sure that babies under 2 years old are in rear-facing car seats. Although some people are concerned about the baby’s legs being cramped by the back seat or being bored, professionals have said that the benefits outweigh any inconveniences that parents and children may experience.

Between ages 2 and 5 years old, children should be in a forward-facing car seat.  Make sure to check the child’s car seat for proper weight and height limits. Additionally, parents should take the time to learn proper installation techniques for all car seats. Parents often have the option to go to their local fire station or hospital to get their car seat checked for proper installation.

Once children reach 5 years old, they may use a booster seat until they are tall enough for the seat belt to fit property across the chest and under the chin.  Children under 12 years old should be buckled in the back seat. Children should never be in front of the airbag. When possible, children should ride in the middle of the back seats since that is the safest seat. Getting children into the habit of buckling up is critical.

Safety Tips for Parents

It is important to follow safety procedures while children are in the vehicle. Being extra attentive when children are in the car is important, avoid all distractions. Parents should try to avoid driving at night, if possible; road trips at night can increase the chance of a car accident. Also, parents should try to buy the safest vehicle they can afford and look at updated safety features of the vehicle before purchase.

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