Concussion Symptoms After a Car Accident

Delaware County car accident lawyers advocate for victims of concussion.Car accidents can happen anytime you are on the road and they often happen unexpectedly. If you are involved in a car accident and you hit your head, you may suffer a concussion. A quick assessment may feel as though you escaped the accident without serious injury, but it is still necessary to be checked by a doctor. Consulting with a friend or family member may help determine if you have suffered a concussion.

Concussion Symptoms

Concussion symptoms may not appear immediately after an accident due to large amounts of adrenaline in your system that can mask concussion signs. Concussions, or brain injuries, usually occur when the brain makes impact with the skull during a traumatic event. Symptoms should be evaluated when possible to determine if a concussion has occurred. The following includes some symptoms to look for when you have suffered an impact to your head:

  • Physical Symptoms: Be mindful of headaches, especially if they worsen over time. Other physical symptoms can include vomiting, seizures, slurred speech, loss of consciousness that lasts longer than 30 seconds, and changes in coordination. Vision or eye disturbances can also occur. This includes enlarged or unequal pupils. In small children, large bumps on areas other than the forehead can happen.
  • Behavioral Changes: Carefully watch behavioral changes after impact. Changes in behavior include irritability, disorientation, confusion, and difficulty concentrating. Symptoms may worsen over time.

Injuries After a Car Accident

Drivers who experience these symptoms after a car accident should not be driving. If there is bleeding on the brain, this can be fatal; drivers and passengers involved in car accidents with head injuries should be evaluated by a medical professional immediately. If not treated quickly, other complications from concussions can arise. The following are complications that can occur from a concussion:

  • Multiple Brain Injuries: These are accumulative effects that can be lifelong. These effects can be progressive.
  • Second-Impact Syndrome: Occasionally, a second concussion can occur before signs and symptoms of the first concussion have resolved. This could cause fatal brain swelling.
  • Post-traumatic Headaches: After a concussion, frequent headaches can result that may worsen over time.
  • Post-traumatic Vertigo: This is a lasting dizziness.
  • Post-concussion Syndrome: In the days and weeks after a concussion, patients could experience confusion and difficulty concentrating. Vertigo and headaches can also happen.

Knowing the signs of a concussion is vital. You may not be able to recognize symptoms so it is crucial to seek immediate medical attention after a car accident that involves head injuries.

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