Dangers of Dropped Objects in the Workplace

West Chester workplace accident lawyers help workers hurt by falling objects. Just about everyone has dropped something in the workplace. However, there is a difference between a dropped pencil and a dropped hammer. In fact, occupational safety statistics explain that nearly 50,000 on-the-job injuries or fatalities happen annually because an object fell.

Gravity is unlikely to release its grip any time soon. Nevertheless, employees and employers have a responsibility to understand why things commonly fall, as well as how to prevent them from falling or mitigate damage after a falling-object incident.

What Leads to Objects Falling on the Job?

Objects can fall off something for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is because they were left in a bad spot. For example, a worker might leave a tool on a high shelf or piece of scaffolding. The slightest of vibrations could move the tool, sending it tumbling down onto a worker.

Another reason for falling objects in the workplace is employees not making use of tool tethering processes. As a practice, tool tethering prevents tools from falling too far or reaching the ground. It has been used successfully in many workplace situations to make a dent in injuries and fatalities due to falling incidents.

A final cause of falling objects is human error. When employees try to rush to complete a job, they are more likely to make mistakes; this could include losing grip on a tool.

How Can Employers and Workers Prevent Falling Objects?

It may not be realistic to stop every falling object, but most workplaces could implement measures to significantly reduce injuries or property damage. As with most safety issues, the basic way to take a bite out of falling objects is to train employees on prevention protocols. By consistently teaching workers how to tether their tools and reintroducing other safe working procedures, employers can lessen the likelihood of a worker getting killed or maimed by a falling object.

Another way to stop falling object injuries is for companies to talk about best practices with other organizations in their industry. Simple communication between businesses can have a major impact and make all workplaces safer.

Recourse for Workers Hurt by Falling Objects

Being hit by an object while working is not just annoying or embarrassing. It can be life-threatening and even career-ending. For that reason, any worker who has been hurt by a falling object should immediately seek medical attention, even if the injury seems superficial. Conditions such as traumatic brain injury and a concussion can arise days after an event, so getting treatment soon is necessary to link the occurrence with the injury as proof for workers’ compensation insurers.

West Chester Workplace Accident Lawyers at the Law Office of Deborah M. Truscello Help Workers Hurt by Falling Objects

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