CarPlay and Andriod Auto Updates Aim to Decrease Driver Distraction

Media car accident lawyers assist victims injured in distracted driving accidents.It is common today to see people looking at their smart phones while driving.  Law enforcement officials may even say that the uptick in drivers using their phones while driving is an epidemic. Many drivers rely on their smart phones for GPS directions and to make phone calls while driving. Although texting while driving is illegal in most states, many drivers may send the occasional text while driving. Additionally, it is impossible to discern whether a driver is texting, finding a contact for a phone call, or putting in an address for GPS.

New Apps that Sync the Phone with the Car

New model cars now have screen dashboards that are compatible with smart phones if they are plugged into the car through a USB port. Whether your phone is an Apple or Android, you may have the ability to utilize software that enables your phone to interact with the car dashboard more seamlessly than before by using the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto apps. Consumer Reports recently tested out both apps and their recent updates to determine if they increase or decrease driver distraction.

Apps such as CarPlay and Android Auto streamlined this experience to sync the phones with the car, but users reported problems with the app icons being too small or out of the order they were used to. This could cause further driver distraction while the driver is getting used to the new set up of their phone displayed on the dashboard screen.

Updates to these systems were intended to decrease distractions by making icons bigger so that drivers could see the dashboard in the same set up as their familiar smart phone. Consumer Reports found that if seeing the smart phone apps on the dashboard screen was not streamlined to be similar to the display the smart phone, the driver would simply unplug the phone and use it in that manner. This would lead to an increase in distracted driving accidents.

Overall, Consumer Reports found that despite some minor issues, the updates were successful in decreasing distractions and were an improvement from previous versions of CarPlay and Android Auto.

Media Car Accident Lawyers at the Law Office of Deborah M. Truscello Assist Victims Injured in Distracted Driving Accidents

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