Healthy Lungs in the Workplace

Media Workers’ Comp lawyers fight for those suffering from work-related lung diseases.Good air quality is just as important to our health as any other aspect in our daily lives. Millions of people across the country suffer from a form of lung disease.  From emphysema to deadly lung cancers,  you or someone you know most likely has a respiratory issue. We all take breathing for granted, and when it is compromised, it can be a scary ordeal. Proper ventilation in the workplace is necessary to ensure everyone’s safety. Without it, a worker can suffer fatigue, nausea, lack of productivity, illness, or even death.

Breathing in hazardous pollutants can happen if an employer is not careful and does not perform routine safety inspections. Chemicals in the workplace can trigger an asthma attack or asbestos can be found in an old building. Symptoms of a lung disease mostly occur well past the initial exposure, making recovery harder to accomplish. From diesel fumes or metal shavings to mold and mildew, the dangerous pollutants that harm our lungs at home can also harm us at work.

The following are certain air-related issues that could be affecting your lungs at work:

  • Work-related asthma: Certain environments can trigger an asthma attack in anyone. Whether it is allergies, pet dander, or gases and fumes, an asthma attack can strike anyone without proper ventilation.
  • Asbestosis: When inhaling asbestos particles, your lungs will produce a scarring from the tiny fibers. Long term exposure to asbestos can eventually lead to deadly lung diseases such as mesothelioma, a highly aggressive cancer that can take decades to develop.
  • Silicosis: Exposing your lungs to chemicals like silicon particles and other assorted chemicals can lead to lung scarring as well, which could also put one at a higher risk for illnesses.
  • Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis: Mostly an allergic lung disease, pneumonitis is caused by exposure to chemicals and organic matter, such as manure or bacteria. Commonly known as farmer’s lung, its symptoms include trouble breathing and inflammation of the lung tissue.
  • Other Lung Diseases: Most lung diseases have common symptoms, such as heavy coughing, chest tightness or pain, shortness of breath, or abnormal breathing.

Certain jobs have different hazards; you may be more at-risk for certain lung diseases than others depending on where you work and what your occupation is.  It is your employer’s obligation to perform regular safety inspections and provide proper safety equipment and sufficient ventilation for their employees to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. A knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer can assist you when filing a claim to obtain the benefits you deserve.

Media Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at the Law Office of Deborah M. Truscello Fight for Those Suffering from Work-Related Lung Diseases

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