DUI Arrests and Zero Tolerance

Delaware County car accident lawyers advise clients of the zero tolerance DUI policy.In Pennsylvania, drivers will be issued a driving under the influence (DUI) violation if they are impaired by a specific substance, such as alcohol, over the counter medication, and illicit drugs. State troopers have a zero-tolerance approach to DUIs in Pennsylvania, but state police want to get the word out and would rather educate drivers before a violation. In 2017, the Media Barracks of state police in Pennsylvania made 622 DUI arrests and investigated 165 DUI crashes. Overall, the Delaware County region ranked number three in the state among the areas with the most arrests attributable to drunk driving. This is a sobering number for residents in Delaware County.

In 2017 statewide, troopers arrested 19,963 drivers for DUIs statewide. This number increased one percent in 2018 with 20,143 arrests. Although the increase is not large, this number should be trending down with the increase in driver education and ride sharing apps, which can assist drivers in avoiding these situations. In 2018, state troopers conducted 758 drug influence evaluations, this is an increase from 631 in 2017. Additionally, in 2018, state police investigated almost 5,000 crashes associated with DUIs statewide. Drivers in Delaware County should be on alert for those who are potentially under the influence while driving.

Determining How Much is Too Much

First responders mainly witnesses the devastating effects of DUIs and Pennsylvania state troopers want to be on the front line to stop this trend through a combination of education and enforcement. Troopers urged the public to use safety belts, eliminate distractions, and to never drive under the influence.

Driving under the influence can occur even after one drink if the driver’s blood alcohol limit is over the legal threshold. Not surprisingly, that threshold is low, and some states are passing laws to lower that threshold even more. Additionally, breathalyzers are now being developed to easily detect marijuana in the body and this may influence the number of DUIs in states where the technology will be used.

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