Boosting Safety in Manufacturing

Manufacturing products requires heavy-duty machinery and could demand dozens of people to operate them on a mass scale. Most products, from printer paper to smart phones, came from raw or synthetic materials and are assembled into the high-quality, finished products we see today. It is still one of the world’s largest industries because it requires operating heavy machinery, and safety for workers is of utmost importance to prevent work injuries.

There are several ways an employer can help promote safety within their manufacturing business. Whether they are a large, global manufacturer or a local one, communication among employees is key to everyone’s safety. It is always a good practice to remind employees of up-to-date Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations and to make them visible for everyone to see. Emergency contacts and phone numbers should be readily known. Safety steps should also be posted in case of an emergency, such as a machine accident or inhalation of a chemical.

Toolbox Talks

Holding daily meeting before the work day begins promotes communication, helps team members understand their daily tasks, and prepares them appropriately. It also helps employees to remind themselves and others around them about the hazardous nature of their jobs. Assuring employees that lines of communication are open, and that safety is in the employer’s best interest can boost productivity and morale among the team.

Annual Training and Retraining

These days, research is performed and provided often in all work industries to help the safety of employees and to improve productivity. It is always important to hold meetings of up-to-date safety practices and plans, particularly operators of the heavy machinery used to manufacture the product. This requires training and retraining employees to help refresh their job descriptions and understanding. Annual training can also help an operator learn new skills and remind them of safety plans and procedures they could otherwise forget.

Perform Regular Inspections

Because manufacturing a product requires the use of complex machines, performing regular and on-time inspections of the machinery can identify possible defects that could someday become a dangerous liability for a worker. Routine inspections also ensure the efficiency of a machine if adjustments, replacements, or repairs are necessary. More importantly, this process will help ensure the safety of a worker and their environment.

A worker should also perform a basic check of their surroundings and the machinery before beginning work. This gives an employee a necessary routine every day and is a smart and safe practice. An employee can perform a simple check, such as inspecting wiring for frays or loose connections, or make sure the work area is clean and free of hazards.

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