How Can I Keep My Teen Driver Safe?

Media PA car accident lawyers advise clients on how to keep teen drivers safe.For many people, the learning curve for driving begins when they are in their teenage years. Because teen drivers are less experienced than their older counterparts, they tend to produce higher than average accident rates. However, teens can take precautionary measures to reduce their risk of getting into a car accident.

Teen Driving Statistical Information

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated in 2016 that six teenagers suffered fatal injuries in highway crashes every day. That same year, nearly 300,000 teens suffered physical harm due to vehicle accidents. Teens are at a higher risk behind the wheel due to a lack of experience. Most dangerous situations are new to teen drivers and can lead to poor decision-making and problem-solving. Teen drivers’ use of devices while operating a vehicle and lack of seat belt use are other concerns. Male teen drivers also have a high incident rate of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Practical Solutions for Safer Teen Driving

Teen drivers deserve an education that includes practical information to keep them and their passengers out of preventable harm. Beyond understanding the rules of the road, they should also be introduced to safety advancements, such as innovative technologies

Many vehicles are now equipped with automatic emergency braking systems, forward collision warnings, adaptive lighting, and other features. Each of these standard or add-on technologies help teens make better choices when they are on the roads. If a car accident does occur, it may happen at a lower rate of speed, lessening the probability of fatalities, long-term harm, and extensive property damage.

Back-up cameras provide another safety net for drivers because they show any vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, or objects that are behind the car. Not only does this reduce the driver’s reliance on rear view and side mirrors alone, but it allows a parent riding with a teen to provide advice in these situations. Spotting an obstacle through a back-up camera that might have been missed by human eyes gives teen drivers a better understanding of blind spots.

Getting accustomed to driving at the speed limit is an important element of safe teen driving. Parents and driving instructors can work with teenagers to either use cruise control upon occasion to monitor speeds or pay attention to speed changes. All teens should be constantly reminded that texting while driving can be a fatal decision. Even picking up the phone at a stop sign or stoplight can lead to tragic consequences. Therefore, from the first driving lesson, a teen should put the phone away in the console or glove compartment to remove any temptations.

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