Accidents with Emergency Vehicles

Delaware County car accident lawyers assist victims injured in accidents with emergency vehicles.Emergency vehicles can appear at any moment and no driver ever wants to unexpectedly be involved in a car accident with one. Although you may believe that it is nearly impossible to get into an accident with an emergency vehicle, accidents with emergency vehicles happen at about the same rate as other car accidents.

To avoid an accident with an emergency vehicle, when an emergency vehicle is approaching you from behind with flashing lights and an audible warning, Pennsylvania law states that you must move to the right and out of the way of the vehicle. If you are unable to move to the right, then you must slow down so that the emergency vehicle may attempt to pass. If there is a middle turn lane in the road, the emergency vehicle will attempt to use that to pass, so do not enter that lane with the intent to get out of the way of the emergency vehicle.

Liability Questions in Car Accidents with Emergency Vehicles

If an accident does occur, you could be liable. If the emergency vehicle had its lights flashing and the siren turned on, it could be immune from any liability in accidents. Naturally, emergency vehicle drivers have a responsibility to others on. If they were driving as a reasonable person would in the circumstances of responding to an emergency, the duty of care for other surrounding drivers could be higher.

Facts are Important

Remember, emergency vehicles can break traffic rules while they are responding to an emergency, but they still have a duty to refrain from driving in a way that would put pedestrians and other drivers in harm’s way. Therefore, if you have an accident with an emergency vehicle, be aware that your case will be very fact specific in determining who was at-fault. If it was in fact the fault of the civilian driver, that driver could be responsible for all costs associated with the accident as laws are generally written to protect first responders in these types of instances.

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