Installation Safety for Workers

West Chester workers’ compensation lawyers fight for workers safety.Working at heights is a skilled profession but requires stringent safety practices to ensure that workers are protected from injury. In a recent case, the California state occupational safety and health agency fined a solar installation company over $190,000 for major safety and health violations after a worker was seriously injured in a fall. The worker fell from a roof while installing solar panels and suffered major injuries to his face and hand. The investigation found that the company, Nexus Energy Systems, failed to ensure employees were given fall protection gear despite the requirement to do so.

Safety Practices

Both state safety agencies and the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforce workplace safety regulations and have the power to investigate and cite companies for violations. In the California case, the company was cited for numerous violations in failing to provide adequate fall protection training and equipment. Working at heights, such as in solar panel installation, requires different and more substantial safety training and gear because of the risk of fall injury. One of the violations was classified as a willful serious accident violation because the employer was aware of the law and still violated the safety gear requirement.

Workers in various professions are at risk of falls, accidents, electrocution, or other major hazards. Employers are required to know applicable regulations and comply in the interest of protecting their employees. Fall arrest systems can consist of platforms, scaffolding, lifelines, and harnesses. Workers whose jobs consist with performing tasks at certain heights, such as on a rooftop, should have all available gear as required under the regulations, as well as adequate training.

No employee should be knowingly placed in harm’s way because of the employer’s lack of compliance. When accidents happen on the job, they can have long-term effects on the worker’s health, earning power, and emotional well-being. If injured on the job, a worker should consult with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer with strong knowledge of workplace safety and how to navigate the claims process.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation laws were developed to protect workers who are injured or become ill because of their work duties. Being hurt on the job requires that the employee have access to needed medical treatment and rehabilitation, and compensation for a percentage of their lost wages. The first steps when injured are to seek immediate medical care and file a claim through the employer.

However, workers can still be at risk in what appears to be a straightforward case if the employer or insurance company denies the claim. This is where a workers’ compensation lawyer can provide skilled guidance on documentation needed, fighting a claim denial, and obtaining the best possible compensation for the injury.

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