Head-On Collisions

Media car accident lawyers assist victims injured in head-on collisions.Head-on collisions can be a tricky situation as far as legal liability, since it may not be clear who was at fault for the accident. A head-on collision is when the front of a vehicle hits the front of another vehicle. Some questions that can help determine fault after a head on collision are:

  • Did either of the drivers make comments about fault after the accident?
  • Were there any witnesses?
  • Was one car rear-ended trying to make a left-hand turn?
  • Were there any traffic citations or violations issued?

How Dangerous are Head-On Collisions?

Head-on collisions account for 10 percent of fatal crashes in the United States. Experts state that the advances made in seat belt technology and air bags have played a big part in reducing fatalities by 61 percent. When air bags deploy, this can greatly reduce the possibilities of head injuries, but head-on collisions at low speeds can still be dangerous. Injuries such as concussions, whiplash, and herniated discs can be common since drivers and front passengers can hit their head on the steering wheel, the dashboard, or on the front or side window when air bags do not deploy.

Potential Injuries Sustained in Head-On Collisions

Injuries that car occupants can sustain in head-on collisions are:

  • Neck injuries. This is the most common injury in rear-end collisions but almost one-third of all neck injuries related to car accidents occur during frontal impacts. This type of accident can cause the neck to violently move back and forth causing whiplash.
  • Torso injuries. Rib fractures are common in frontal collisions. Rib injuries can also be a sign of other organ injuries. These can include injuries to the spleen, intestines, lungs, and liver.
  • Lower leg injuries. Femur fractures are usually caused by the instrument panels. About 3.5 percent of drivers wearing a seat belt suffer from leg injuries in frontal crashes.
  • Projectiles. Other objects inside the car can become projectiles during a head on collision. Depending on the object, this can cause all sorts of injuries to the driver or passengers seated in the car.

If passengers are fatally injured in a head-on collision, their family may have legal causes of action against the other driver or the family of the other driver, depending on the situation. Sometimes, a forensic engineer may be needed to help determine which driver was at-fault. A forensic engineer will look at skid marks on the road and evaluate all available evidence to help determine who was at-fault in the accident, or if the drivers share fault.

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