Back to School Safety

Delaware county car accident lawyers advocate for back to school safety.Going back to school can be exciting time. It is also a time of new routines and the potential for accidents. At the start of a new school year, drivers should expect to see an increase in traffic, and they should expect drivers to take on new routes and routines in the morning and evening as more cars and school buses will be on the roads.

Driving Your Children to School

When driving children to school, drivers should never pass a bus and obey school zone speed limits. Additionally, as exasperating as following the school’s drop off procedure may be, it should always be followed, since it reduces the chance of an accident involving the surrounding students. If you see students crossing the street, be sure to make eye contact and make sure they understand your movement in the car.

Teen Drivers

Teen drivers are more likely to have accidents due to inexperience. With more teen drivers on the road, it is important to understand that teen drivers may not always be as predictable as other drivers. Additionally, if you are a parent of a teen driver, establishing a driver contract is beneficial, since it creates expectations and an understanding between parents and their teens when deciding to drive.

Taking the Bus to School

The greatest risk for children occurs when they are entering and exiting the bus.  Talk to the people who create the bus routes to try and avoid your children having to cross in front of the bus to enter or exit the bus. Although other drivers surrounding the bus are required by law to stop at this time, this is not always the case and accidents do occur.

Be Aware of Pedestrians and Biking Traffic

Drivers should be aware to never block crosswalks, especially near schools.  Additionally, drivers should always stop for school crossing guards. Drivers should never honk or rev their engines to get the attention of a pedestrian. When passing bicyclists, drivers should be at least three feet away from the cyclist for optimum safety. Children riding bikes to and from school should travel with traffic, not against it. Drivers should also be aware that bicyclists may come from an area that is unpredictable, such as from between two parked cars, therefore, they should always be cautious when driving around other children on bikes. Overall, drivers, pedestrians, and bicycle riders should use extra caution during the first few weeks of school while parents and children are adjusting to new schedules and routines.

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