Does Workplace Violence Fit into Workers’ Compensation?

West Chester workers’ compensation lawyers represent victims of workplace violence.Workplace violence is physical or threatening violence that can happen to anyone while they are working. Several different incidents can happen while in the workplace to classify it as workplace violence, and some occupations are more at-risk than others. Unfortunately, workplace violence can be hard to predict and therefore prevent.

Workplace violence can take the form of a customer or fellow worker enacting violence or threatening harm to one or more employees. Many victims of workplace violence are not personally involved with the perpetrator, but rather are injured as innocent bystanders. For example, a domestic dispute with a fellow coworker and their spouse could spill over into the workplace. Those working in the medical field are especially at risk of violent attacks by patients. Delivery drivers and those working late-night retail shifts are susceptible to robbery and assault.

What to Do if You Are Injured

It is critical to alert your employer and the authorities if you were a victim of assault in the workplace. Workplace violence can occur to anyone and the degree of injury can vary widely. Your injuries may cause you to lose work, sometimes permanently, and pressing charges will not serve to compensate you for lost wages. Only a workers’ compensation lawyer can review your case and determine your eligibility for compensation.

Tips to Avoid Workplace Violence

Employers and employees alike need to work together to prevent workplace violence. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), almost two million people are victims of workplace violence each year. OSHA published several tips for workplaces to help lessen that number and prevent violent incidents from occurring. These tips include:

  • Publish proper conduct rules and regulations and install a zero-tolerance policy for violent acts or threats of violence.
  • Secure the workplace with proper ID badges and security clearances to prevent the threat of unauthorized people in the workplace.
  • Introduce safety plans and procedures and offer training on how to diffuse a volatile situation and who to go to in case an incident occurs.
  • Instruct employees to stay in areas where they feel safe, practice being alert, to never walk to their car alone, and to report any suspicious activity to a supervisor.
  • Employers should always report even the slightest indication of violence or a threat of violence to the police and perform corrective actions to prevent a violent incident from occurring.

In the state of Pennsylvania, workers’ compensation benefits are for those who have been injured or have become ill because of their employment and can no longer work. Because of the varying degree of injury and occurrence of workplace violence, trying to receive the proper compensation for your injuries may be difficult without the assistance of a strong legal advocate.

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