High-Visibility Apparel in Demand for Safety

Media workers’ compensation lawyers protect the rights of injured workers.Safety apparel manufacturers and retailers have seen a noticeable increase in demand for high-visibility accessories and apparel designed to protect workers in a variety of industries. Even in workplaces where bright, reflective clothing is not required, many business owners see the far-reaching benefits of increasing worker visibility and designating their staff as employers or members of a cohesive crew. Once reserved for police officers, construction workers, and emergency personnel, the use of high-visibility vests, belts, bibs, hats, and helmets is expanding to other job sites where workers need to stand out from the public for safety and convenience.

Types of High-Visibility Safety Apparel

High-visibility apparel falls into the following categories:

  • Fluorescent: Fluorescent materials reflect ultraviolet rays from the sun. On cloudy days and at dawn or dusk, fluorescent materials appear significantly brighter than non-fluorescent materials of the same color.
  • Retroreflective: Retroreflective high-visibility apparel works by directing light back at its source. This only works if the reflective gear is directly in front of a light source and is generally effective in low-light conditions.
  • Reflective: Light bounces off reflective materials to make them appear brighter to the viewer. Many common objects are inherently reflective to some degree.
  • Combined-performance retroreflective: This type of high-visibility apparel is retroreflective as well as fluorescent.

Choosing the Right High-Visibility Apparel for the Job

Safety clothing and accessories are only effective if they are designed for the job, fit well, and provide the necessary visibility. Use this checklist to choose the right type of high-visibility gear for your needs:

  • Brightness: Certain vests, belts, and bibs are designed for low-light conditions, while others are most effective on bright, sunny days. Think about your work environment and whether fluorescent, retroreflective, or combined-performance products will offer the maximum brightness.
  • Fit: High-visibility clothing and equipment should fit properly over regular clothing, should never restrict movement, and should be free of hanging parts or pieces. High-visibility apparel that is obscured by other clothing or safety gear will not function as intended.
  • Maintenance: Over time, high-visibility apparel may lose its effectiveness through normal wear and tear or as it collects dirt and grime. Clean high-visibility gear to ensure it continues to provide desirable levels of brightness.

High-visibility apparel comes in different forms and offers many benefits. Whether its alerting oncoming drivers to the presence of construction workers stationed ahead, or designating staff members at an event, reflective vests, hats, gloves, and coveralls serve an important purpose of ensuring the visibility of workers.

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