Hazards of Summer Driving

Media car accident lawyers assist victims of summer car accidents.Many drivers may think that the worse driving conditions happen in winter when the weather plays a major a role in determining the condition of the roads.  Drivers may not immediately consider the many hazards of the summer season. During the summer, people are more likely to drive for longer stretches of time and they may be driving and walking in areas they are not familiar with. This is especially true in areas that are popular tourist destinations.

Distracted Pedestrians are More Prevalent

Especially when in an area that attracts many vacationers, be extra cautious and aware that pedestrians may not be aware of the regular flow of traffic in the area.  If pedestrians are from an area where there is not much vehicular traffic, they may be more prone to crossing in unexpected areas. Always double check to make sure that the pedestrian is aware that you are there before assuming they see your car. Be aware of pedestrians walking at night who may not be familiar with their surroundings. During the summer, take extra care around crosswalks and stop to check for pedestrians before proceeding.

Increased Road Construction

When possible, avoid work zones or anticipate that you may need extra time to arrive to your destination if you know you will be traveling through a construction zone. Increasing following distance also reduces the possibility of hitting other cars during sudden stops, which are more likely in construction areas. Do not be the driver who waits until the last moment to merge when approaching a work zone that reduces lanes. This increases other drivers’ frustrations and can incite accidents, even if you end up merging carefully. Always follow signs in the construction zone instructing drivers of a new traffic pattern.

Increase in Motorcycle and Bicycle Traffic on Roadways

Many drivers may not be aware that there are almost 50 percent more motorcycles on the road during this time of year. As the number of motorcycles increases, so does the number of motorcycle accidents. Always give extra attention to motorcyclists by providing extra distance and be aware that they can easily disappear into blind spots as they are passing. It is more difficult to predict a motorcycle’s speed than that of a car. The same safety instructions apply to bicycles as well, but additional precautions apply since bicyclists’ intentions may not always be clear to others on the roadway since they do not have brake lights or blinkers. Not all cyclists will use hand signals to indicate a turn, but if the cyclist does use a hand signal, take extra caution that the bicycle will likely be turning or moving into the middle of the road.

Media Car Accident Lawyers at the Law Office of Deborah M. Truscello Assist Victims of Summer Car Accidents

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