City Streets Prove Safer than Suburban Roads

Media car accident lawyers assist victims harmed in car accidents.Many suburbanites regard the city as a place of danger. Yet, at least in one area, that may not be true at all. Regarding car accidents, a recent study by the University of Pennsylvania found that there were less accidents in Philadelphia than the surrounding suburban areas. They found that the outlying suburban areas had 10 times more deaths associated with roadway accidents than accidents in Philadelphia.

The researchers attributed this to Philadelphia’s dense population and lower speed limits. They found that smaller roads with fewer lanes were less likely to have accidents and pointed out that although Broad Street has multiple lanes, there were more accidents likely to occur on smaller streets, such as Pine Street, where there were only two lanes. Drivers simply do not have the opportunity to speed and they are aware that they will have stop signs and traffic lights to watch out for. It should be noted that more pedestrian deaths occurred in Philadelphia than in other suburban areas. This is not surprising since a city is more likely to have more pedestrians than suburban environments.

Trends Regarding Causes of Death and Car Accidents

These findings echo the major over-arching trend in the United States, which is that car accidents are the leading cause of death for people aged one to 64. Researchers also pointed out that Philadelphia ranked higher in car accident fatalities than New York City and Boston. This could be due to differences in driving behavior enforcement. It could also be related to some of Philadelphia’s major arterials that have multi-lanes in high densely-populated areas, such as Roosevelt Boulevard, which is known for many pedestrian deaths, especially in the evening hours.

Density in Philadelphia and the Surrounding Counties

Philadelphia houses the area’s densest census tracts, specifically 28 percent of the Delaware Valley’s population. Additionally, the more densely populated suburban areas had lower accident rates than the region’s more sparsely populated suburbs. Even though suburbanites may not want to venture into Philadelphia that often as a result of perceived safety concerns, driving in Philadelphia could be safer than driving in more rural areas in the five-county region surrounding the city. The next task for the research team will be looking at is why there are more accidents in Philadelphia than other East Coast cities.

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