Sun Glare and Car Accidents

West Chester car accident lawyers fight for victims of auto accidents.The sun is a welcome sight after a dark winter, but as most drivers know, it can be a distraction and a hazard when taking to the road. Sun glare while driving can temporarily blind drivers and cause accidents. When sun glare contributes to an accident, who is at fault?

Determining fault in a car accident is not necessarily straightforward. Sun glare causes several hundred car accidents annually, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the number may even be higher as it is typically not listed on accident reports as the specific cause. Yet, the sun cannot be considered a defense against being held liable for a collision because it is part of everyday driving.

Preparation and Prevention

Preparing for road and weather conditions when taking the wheel is key to most good driving practices. Sun is one of many weather conditions that drivers will encounter during their travels and cannot be prevented. Snow, ice, sun, rain, fog, and wind are all conditions that can be reasonably expected to occur depending on the climate and season, and are not unforeseeable in most cases. Sunrise and sunset times and travel often coincide, so drivers must take reasonable precautions to avoid this natural hazard when on the road.

What Can Drivers Do?

Planning in advance for sun glare includes using polarized sunglasses and the vehicle’s sun visor. One simple tactic that drivers sometimes neglect is keeping the windshield clean, which if not done, can significantly increase the effects of sun glare. Drivers who travel into the sun at its strongest should plan their trip around those times of day. Practicing defensive driving by leaving space between your car and other vehicles is also helpful.

Sun glare can contribute to accidents by temporarily blinding the driver from clearly seeing another vehicle, road markings and lane changes, construction sites, and pedestrians. As a driver, if you were involved in a car accident where you believe sun glare was a factor, it is always advised to contact a skilled car accident lawyer for guidance. Accidents can have serious consequences for those involved and may result in injuries, property damage, and significant financial costs and medical expenses.

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