Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation for Stress?

West Chester workers’ compensation lawyers help clients injured on the job.Stress is part of everyday life, but work situations often exacerbate stress. While proving stress caused a workplace injury is difficult, there are exceptions. For example, if someone develops a serious, stress-related digestive disorder due to their workplace situation, it is easier to prove that the individual suffers from a stress-related physical issue.

While a stressful job or work atmosphere can cause an employee to suffer from physical or emotional problems, claiming that stress is so serious that a person can no longer work at their job will trigger an in-depth investigation by the employer’s insurance company. Anyone who feels workplace stress is causing them harm must prepare to have every aspect of their life inspected, as the insurance company will want to blame personal and other factors for the stress, not the company. Stress is often cumulative, so an unhappy personal life might increase the levels of stress the employee feels in their work life. That, however, does not mean workers have to deal with work-related stress.

Abnormal Working Conditions

In Pennsylvania, stress is not usually considered an eligible claim for workers’ compensation. In severe conditions, however, an employee might claim mental stress if their working situation is considered abnormal. For example, workplace violence is becoming increasingly common. A worker may have a normal working atmosphere, until one day it is not. All too often, the media reports stories of gun violence at workplaces where employees are injured. That is certainly an abnormal working situation, and the stress of being taken hostage, possibly seeing coworkers killed, or experiencing injury themselves can cause a person to suffer extreme stress.

Physical versus Emotional Injuries

Under normal circumstances, even if work stress is so intense that a person has a nervous breakdown or similar emotional or mental condition, leaving them unable to function, they may not qualify for workers’ compensation. If a work-related physical injury is involved and the person suffers stress as a result, their claim for workers’ compensation becomes stronger. Perhaps a back injury occurring at work destroys a person’s quality of life and leaves them deeply depressed. Because the mental health issue is a result of a physical injury, the chances of receiving workers’ compensation increases.

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