Common Driving Tips for Warmer Weather

Media PA car accident lawyers help victims of all types of auto accidents.Each season brings new considerations for drivers. The spring and summer months present some especially unique challenges to Pennsylvania drivers. The following tips should be considered before getting behind the wheel.

Be Aware of the Sun

The sun becomes a factor when driving in the spring and summer months, particularly during the daily commute to and from work. Change the sun’s positions along the horizon and in the sky at different times during the day can affect driving visibility. Drivers should prepare themselves for sun glare, which can make seeing oncoming traffic or changing traffic signals difficult.

Look Out for Cyclists

During the first signs of warm weather, bike riders and motorcyclists begin to head outdoors. Their sudden presence can be jarring to drivers not expecting to see them on the roads, especially if the drivers are new teens who have no prior experience handling mixed-vehicular traffic. While it is important for cyclists to follow traffic rules, drivers should also safely share the road.

Keep an Eye on Mother Nature

Weather in Pennsylvania can change in an instant. Sudden showers or intense downpours can rapidly make roadway travel difficult, impeding access to roads or causing heavy fog. Drivers in changeable conditions must adjust their speed and remain cautious to avoid getting in potential accidents.

Watch Out for Animals

Animal species from raccoons to groundhogs often scamper across roads without warning. This leaves drivers more likely to veer onto the shoulder, into the next lane, or into oncoming traffic. Although animal sightings cannot be predicted, drivers who practice conscientiousness may spot creatures darting across the street well in advance. Therefore, drivers can brake early or swerve out of the way without causing problems.

Be Alert for Construction

While no driver should be looking at their smartphone while operating a vehicle, they may want to check traffic apps for upcoming construction before leaving the parking lot or driveway. In Pennsylvania, construction starts up again in spring and continues well into summer. Construction zones require drivers to exercise caution at slower speeds.

Service Your Vehicle

In the spring and summer months, some Pennsylvania drivers bring out their sports cars that were stored during the winter. Before heading out for fun road trips and adventures, they should always get their vehicles checked inside and out to prevent safety risks.

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