Sharing the Road with Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Media car accident lawyers represent accident victims.Warmer weather is the time for increased numbers of pedestrians and bicyclists on the roads. During the colder months, motorists may forget what it is like to share the streets and highways with them, and walkers, joggers, and cyclists may also need to remember how to stay safe outside. The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) reported that in 2017, almost 6,000 pedestrians and close to 800 bicyclists suffered fatal injuries in motor vehicle accidents. Drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists can benefit by brushing up on their safety skills before heading out.

Driver Safety Tips

Drivers should always yield to pedestrians and joggers. When pulling up to a crosswalk, drivers must slow down, even if there is green traffic light. It is best to always slow down around pedestrians and keep as much distance as safely possible. Never pass cars that are stopped at crosswalks, since they could be blocking the view of a pedestrian that is in front of them. Drivers should also use caution when backing up in parking lots and driveways.

Drivers should also yield to bicyclists and be treated like other vehicles since they move with traffic. They can be passed, but only when it is safe. Drivers need to allow enough room for safe passing. This can be hard if there is no shoulder and other cars are nearby. If it is not safe, the driver needs to be patient. Intersections can also be dangerous, so stopping and turning should also be done carefully to prevent crashes.

For Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Traffic laws, road signs, traffic signals, and markings must be followed. Pedestrians and bicyclists should always move in the same direction as traffic, not against it. They need to make themselves visible by staying in well-lit areas and by wearing bright-colored clothing. It is also important to stay in designated biking lanes and shoulders as far away from traffic as possible.

Erratic movements, such as crossing at a red light or jumping in front of a car, are leading causes of accidents. Drivers are not the only ones that are guilty of distractions. Pedestrians and bicyclists are also prone to text or talk while they are moving. Anything that takes away the focus from walking, biking, or driving on public roads can lead to serious crashes. These accidents can be caused by drivers, pedestrians, or bicyclists, and one or several parties may be liable.

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